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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Picasso Self Portraits

I commissioned an artist friend of mine to create a self portrait. I put this together to encourage him to actually do it (to the best of my knowledge, he mostly does caricatures for kids today, when he's not creating proposal graphics). I thought it interesting to put this onto my blog, and I'll be very interested to see what comments it gets, if any. (Actually, I call my friend Picasso; the past seven times I sent him email I put one of these next to the salutation. For the eighth one, I put them all together, since I felt it wasn't appropriate to send him "Facing Death" by itself.)

Here's the full set.
Picasso Self Portraits

First Self Portrait Charcoal Sketch Blue Period 1906 Also 1906 Facing Death

Although I don't really care for abstract art, IMHO the most abstract one here, "Facing Death," might be the most powerful. The blue period is great, but then so are the first three. It's very interesting seeing them just as faces approximately the same size.

There's a wonderful collage of morphing Picasso and Van Gogh portraits, many of them self portraits, that you might want to check out at this link.

See my own self portrait on this blog at Self-Portrait-Pencil-Sketch.

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